News about the Life Without Anger Education Program (LWAEP)’s orientation training program held on February 9, 2008.


WWA presented a Teachers’ Orientation Program (TOP) on Emotional Intelligence (EI) called Life Without Anger Education Program (LWAEP) on February 9, 2008. The training program was preceded by a formal program. DM Basnet, President, WWA, Prof .Dr. M.P. Regmi, Chief Advisor, Advisory Committee ,WWA, Dr. Laxman Shakya, Sr. Program Coordinator, WWA, Shaligram Bhattarai, Advisor, WWA- Nepal and Mr. Jeevan Raj Panthy, Principal, Buddha Jyoti Academy spoke about the objectives and values of the training program and its importance at the high school and college level, and for its benefits to all our society. The training program was conducted with interaction among the teachers and the trainers. Teachers were presented with both Teachers’ Manual and Student Manuals.In the training program six school teachers and two volunteers from three schools were trained. The objective of this program is to provide training for sixty students in each of the three schools for a total of one hundred eighty students in the program. The principals of each of the three schools also participated and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for conducting the LWAEP in their respective schools. The LWAEP will commence in the third week of February, 2008. The training program was conducted by Prof. Dr. M.P. Regmi and Mr. Shaligram Bhattarai. The program’s resources were fully managed by the WWA and Buddha Jyoti Academy, one of the program schools. This particular student training program will end in May, 2008. The day’s program was coordinated by Mr. Mukunda Pd. Sharma, Program Coordinator for WWA.

An evaluation of the students’ life skills on Emotional Intelligence (EI) will be assessed both before and after the program by WWA for all students who participate.

Program Objectives:
Teachers and students understand the emotional intelligence concepts after completing the WWA Life Without Anger Student Manual and Students’ life skills training on EI. They will learn to solve their day to day problems in a more effective way at school, at home, and later in the workplace. This will form the foundation that makes it possible to create the peace building mission for our society. Accordingly students will be benefit from the LWAEP program in the following ways:

  • Be able to express and value their own feelings and the feelings of others.
  • Be able to understand their own emotions and how to make behavioral changes to produce better results in their life.
  • Know how to resolve conflicts in a nonviolent way.
  • Experience and demonstrate the multiplicity of possible solutions to a problem.
  • Learn how to make more effective choices when faced with problems
  • Develop positive self-esteem and experience opportunities for increasing competence.
  • Develop more altruistic and caring behavior.
  • Achieve an understanding and tolerance for differences, including the development of a global view of the world and respect for other cultures and traditions.
  • Learn to reduce and eliminate their personal anger and fear as well as others they associate with.
  • Achieve greater satisfaction and joy from their own life experience.