World Without Anger Delegates Participate in the International Conference


World Without Anger(WWA) has participated in the Congress entitled ” International &4th Indian Psychological Science Congress on Psychological Well Being: The Concerns& Development” dated on 8-9 October, 2015 in Chandigarh, India organized by National Association of Psychological Science(NAPS)-INDIA.

WWA has the role as of International Partnership and played the vital role to make grand success of the Congress of NAPS, India whereas more than 700 participants were participated in the congress mainly India, Nepal, Bangladesh, USA, Iran, Pakistan, Malalaysia, Fiji, and dignitaries from other courtiers and about 550 papers were presented in the event. Dr. Dalip Singh was the chief guest of the inaugural ceremony in the Congress. He opined that Emotional Intelligence plays the key role to create Well-beings for the mankind. Dr. Dalip Singh further highlighted the importance of the Congress and its findings and conclusions will be of great assets and inspirations to the world societies.

WWA has sent four delegates officially to participate in the Congress namely Mr. DM Basnet, Founder President, WWA, Dr. Narendra Singh Thagunna, Mr. Dipendra Phuyal, and Mr. Purshottam Giri. Mr. Basent, Founder President, WWA addressed the inaugural ceremony and stressed that National Association of Psychological Science – INDIA has set its landmarks in Psychological Well Being activities. As a reflection of it, scholars have been exchanging their knowledge, skills and interests in the field of world psychology. He further put emphasis on cross-cultural psychology, management behavior and technological know-how in and around the World. In this regards, WWA has also been playing catalysts role to assist the vision of NAPS India . The congress will surely be able to find out pros and cons in some ways and means to tickle the existing problems in the mental health.

Likewise, Dr. Narendra Singh Thagunna presented the paper on the subject of Psychological Well-being and also chaired one of the scientific papers in the Conference from the side of WWA Nepal. WWA and NAPS India has planned to sign on MOU for the transformation of both countries Psychological Well-being activities for the welfare of the mankind so far.

Thanks for the email with abstract. Due to the Aftermath, the brutal earthquake of 7.8 Magnitude accrued on April 25, 2015 and many more after socks have killed over 9,000 people, injured 23,000 and more than One Lakh houses were collapsed. The unexpected natural disaster has made people very scared and fear about their lives and properties. Due to these all circumstances made the 6th Int’l Conference postponed on July 23, 2016 which you can visit at

Addressing by DM Basnet, Founder President, WWA Nepal on dated 8-9 October, 2015 in Chandigarh, India organized by National Association of Psychological Science (NAPS) -INDIA, (Full Fledged)