Amity University organised Workshop on “Emotional Literacy” by Chief Patron Dr. Dean Van Leuven of WWA

Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences (AIBAS) conducted a two-day National Workshop on “Emotional Literacy” by Dr.Dean Van Leuven, an eminent psychologist and the Founder President of World Emotional Literacy League (WELL), USA.

Prof. Uma Joshi, Director, AIBAS, inaugurated the workshop with a welcome note. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Prof. S.K. Dube and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof. S.L. Kothari, were invited as the Chief guests.

The workshop on Emotional Literacy was a vigorous 2 days workshop at Amity University, Rajasthan which included 234 participants representing different institutions and different segments of society including University faculties, counsellors, Principles of the Institutions and students from Amity as well as outside. The focus of the workshop was on “taking control of life and mind by understanding anger and its management”.

Four sessions of 2 hours duration were conducted each on the following broad topics:
1. Emotional intelligence: Taking control of your life: The Role of anger and its impact on life.
2. Creating a Positive Belief System: Core Values
3. The Way we look at Things: Our Biases
4.Relationships without Anger

Each session was followed by quiz, exercise,assessment, interaction and experiential learning. Participants
enthusiastically took part in these sessions. The workshop was full of interaction and demonstrations.
Dr.Leuven emphasized that developing mutually enriching relations and increasing positive emotions is the vital concern and at the same time most challenging behavioral skills to be mastered by all of us. We have become intellectually literate but not emotionally, say’s Dr. Dean Van Leuven, aneminent psychologist and the Founder President of World Emotional Literacy League (WELL), USA. They play crucial role in intra as well as interpersonal and socio cultural spheres not only of our lives but globally.They are sensitive feelings, to be handled with care. If handled effectively,they enhance mental health abundantly, else, become the cause of despair and distress, personally and damaging and destructive for entire world. However,the management of emotions and generating positive emotions can be learnt.

The workshop was concluded with a beautiful and informative enactment by the “Adakaree”a dramatic club on Anger Management.