An International WWA Journal Released Vol.III & IV Issued


World Without Anger(WWA) presented an International WWA Journal ReleaseCeremony ( volume III&IV) to inform people about anger and its effects on peace and harmony with the cooperation of the Nepal National Commission for UNESCO and with the graceful presence of Prof. Dr. Ganesh Man Gurung, Chairman, of the University Grant Commission (UGC), Nepal who was the chief guest of the ceremony. He stressed the importance of emotional intelligence and the WWA training program for civil society, police, army, politicians, security centers, and in-service government officers. He stated that it should be applied for more benefits for school, college and University Syllabus as well. Likewise, special guest of honor Mr. Dhruba Raj Regmi, Under Secretary, Nepal National Commission for UNESCO, Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal highlighted that this would be the very practical and useful program forsuch peace education to implement in certain level of schools’ curriculum in order to create peace and harmony from the school level. He stated that the Ministry of Education would like to support such kind of activities of WWA in the years to come.

WWA conducted the Third International Conference entitled ”Global Trends in Emotional Intelligence and Peace Education” on June 30, 2012. In the conference, 17 imperial and opinion papers were presented by the intellectuals from Nepal, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, and USA. The WWA Research Division decided to publish 9 papers in the journal. Likewise, Chief Editor Prof. Dr. M.P. Regami, WWA Research Division expressed that this is the pioneer work and will be continued and adjusted with more researchers from the area of Emotional Intelligence, Peace Education and Buddhism in the next coming issues ofWWA Journals. Similarly, in the message of Dr. Dean Van Leuven he highlighted that learning to apply and teach these new skills challengesus to further develop these skills in order to achieve emotional wisdom in life and society, so that we are all able to live and work together in greater harmony and ever greater personal peace. By this Dr. Leuven means to learn to recognize and establish beliefs that produce inner peace that produce both harmony and well-being in our local and our world society.

In the ceremony, Mr. DMBasnet, Founder President, WWA, Associate Prof. Dr. KishworRajbhandari, Former President, Global Peace Association Nepal, Mr. Bharat Giri, General Secretary, WWA,Dr. LaxmanShakya, Program Director, WWA and Dr. PitamberYadav, Dean, Lumbini Buddhist University presented their views of WWA activities.