Early Child Development Training on Emotional Intelligence which was jointly organized by WWA and Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC)


World Without Anger (WWA) and Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) organized jointly a two days training program on Early Child Development Training on Emotional Intelligence (ECDEI) in City Hall. with the cooperation of World Emotional Literacy League (WELL) U.S.A and Life Without Anger,USA where there were 15 teachers from KMC Drop-In -Center and 10 representatives from different children organization within and outside the valley in the participants of the training in the inaugural ceremony Mr. Bhim Lal Gurung, Deputy General Secretary of NETCOM for UNESCO was the chief of honor stressed that it is essential to boost up the children and handled them in a right way through trained teachers will be the weapons for the Up-growing children which leads them to the right path of their life. In the program a book called Life Without Anger (Kroodh Rahit Jeevan) written by Dr. Dean Van Leuven which was translated by Prof. Dr. Chudamani Bandhu, Prof. Dr. M.P.Regmi, and Asso.Prof. Uttam Bajagain. The book also won the prize of Visionary Award from U.S.A.in 2003 The book also released in the inaugural ceremony by Mr.Gurung. He also expressed that his interest to work in this new issue will be vital to manage anger and fear by replacing love and peace and reorganize the communities without anger free society. He will be happy to cope for the programs and activities from his position as capacity of Ministry of Education for UNESCO Cell of Government of Nepal.

Thus, Prof. Dr M.P Regmi, Chief advisor of WWA , Secretary General Mr. Bharat Giri, Prof .Dr.Tulasi Ram Vaidya, Special Advisor of WWA, Dr. Laxman Shakay, Program Director, Prof.Dr.Sishir Subba, Head, Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University, Prof. Dr. Khadga Man Shrestha, Registrar, Lumbini Bauddha University. Dr. Mita Rana, Chief Consultant of Clinical Psychologist, Maharajgung Campus, TUTH, Prof.Dr.Chuda Mani Bandhu were highlighted the program and its activities through this model of educational materials to the nation and the World. Prof. Dr. Chuda Mani Bandhu expressed as a chief translator of Kroodh Rahit Jeevan book is very useful even for general people to remove their anger and fear to make their day to day life calm and happy.

In the concluding session, Great Literary Figure and Entrepreneur Mr. Rabi Charan Shrestha distributed certificates to the 2 days’ trained teachers. Accordingly, Mr. Shrestha expressed while speaking as a chief guest of concluding session that the implementation of the ideas is excellent to nurture the early child to build the nation free from anger and fear as a peace builders by the modality of emotional intelligence education program for the ultimate goal of peace and harmony in the country. As one of the representatives from participants Mr. Shiva Prasad Subedi from Health Awareness Nepal said that they received a lot of things from the ECD Training which will be a great help even for their individuals’ day to day life. The concluding remarks of Mr. Surya Prakash Adhikari, Vice President of WWA and Chairperson of the program said that Child Psychology of Understanding is not only essential for school and college teachers but also parents, guardians, and school administration. Thus, WWA is planning to implement advance level of ECD training program on Emotional Intelligence to the primary school teachers in around KMC under the cooperation of KMC in near future. The Program Co-coordinator of WWA Mr.Mukunda Prasad Sharma thanks to all the resource persons from different universities including participants as well as all those who supported the program directly or indirectly in his vote of thanks.