3rd Annual Life Without Anger Emotional Training Program(LWAETP) Accomplished


Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
Mr. Surya Khatri, Personal Assistant of Honorable Delli Bahadur Mahat, Minister of State, Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction stated on his Message that he is very sorry for not being able to attend the program on 3rd Annual Life Without Anger Emotional Training Program” due to his sudden illness, and today, at this moment, he would like to wish good luck and a grand success of the program organized.Hope that everyone attended and received the training would benefit a lot and bring the learning into in the days ahead. Thank you.

World Without Anger (WWA) and Lumbini Bauddha University (LBU) jointly organized 2 days training program in December 5, 2009 on 3rd Annual “Life Without Anger Emotional Training Program (LWAETP)” for 40 teachers and five Drop-In Centers, Kathmandu Metropolitan City teachers in order to nurture the 800 school students and 250 Drop-In Centers students through trained teachers. The introduction of emotional literacy training in the schools of Nepal by WWA in Association With LBU and with the support of World Emotional
Literacy League (WELL), USA. WWA’s objective is to teach Emotional Literacy to the children of Nepal. Ensuring the each child has a fundamental understanding of anger and other negative emotions will help them to lead a life that is peaceful, meaningful, and joyful. Emotional Literacy helps us to advance personally and as a society as much, it not more, than does the ability to read and do mathematics. Nepal is the first country in the world to introduce this training on a national level. The overall goal is to create aculture that will not only allow individuals to lead a more effective and rewarding life, but will also ultimately create world peace.

In the inaugural ceremony, WWA released conference paper called (Development of Emotional Literacy in this Millennium) the World Without Anger Journal named “Emotional Intelligence & Wisdom in Buddhism” These papers are original research work on emotional intelligence, Buddhists wisdom and Therabad Buddhism which was editing by Prof. Dr. M.P.Regmi as an Editor in Chief and also stressed this is the pioneer researched work on Emotional Intelligence in Nepal done by World Without Anger.
Mr. Laxmi Das Mnandhar, Chairperson of Salt Trading Corporation, who was the Chief Guest of Program, stated that this kind of Emotional Intelligence training program should make coverage all of the Nepal’s government and private schools including business communities. He trusts, this type of education system contributes to restore peace and harmony in the country and world which is already started model of peace education first time in Nepal. He also added that private business sectors and government should corporate this kind mission to bring light of sustainable peace in the country.

Similarly, Prof. Dr. Khadga Man Shrestha, Register, Lumbini Bauddha University, Lumbini, in his welcoming speech said that he is happy to work with WWA to take part in Emotional Intelligence program which helps to understand how our emotional system functions as Buddha’s philosophy of peace. Once we learned how it works we shall be able to develop the necessary understanding to teach each individual how to understand and make changes in the way they function emotionally so they can
optimize their life experiences. Former Vice Chancellor of LBU Prof. Dr. Tulsi Ram Vaidya, Special Advisor of WWA stated that this is the right time to explore these kinds of education mechanism all over the country through school children to bring peace and prosperity in the days ahead.
Thus, Dr. Laxman Shakya, Program Director, WWA stated in his thanks giving speech that Anger is to be mitigated from our society through every possible ways. One of the program schools’ principals Mr. Narayan Prasad Sharma, Budhanilkantha School in his appeal in audience said such Emotional Intelligence Training program should be launched from the grassroots level like students in nationwide.

Presences are the representative from including social organization and NGOs and INGOs as well. The program was chaired by Mr. DM. Basnet, President of WWA . In his concluding remarks of inaugural ceremony said WWA is adopting this methodology as Peace Education Model to propagate peace and harmony through out the country and the day to day life implementing through initial School Children. It is vital at the moment to adapt this education to cut off the transitional period for making the country free from any kinds of disaster including social and political hurdles”
In the concluding session of the training program, Dr. Babu Ram Gautam, Deputy Chief, Kathmandu Metropolitan City was the chief guest and stated that this is a very useful training program to all of us not only teachers. He was very happy to have training for Drop-In Centers’ teachers and volunteers by the WWA, LWAETP is essential to provide as a therapy for other psychological issues commonly found to affect indentured servants. Also distributed certificates by the Chief Guest to the trainees.

Accordingly, Program Coordinator Mr. Mukunda Prasad Sharama spoke in the program Emotional balance is necessary to run the life smoothly for every individual, teachers, students, youths, and old as well.
Concluding remarks of Vice President Mr. Surya Prakash Adhikari highlighted that WWA is planning to provide advance level of training program on Emotional Intelligence in near future to the school and college teachers to develop their existing interests, knowledge and skills to reach every nook and corner of the Himal, Terai, and Hill as a peace keepers.