Message from the Chief Advisor


Dear Friend,

We request to practice angerless living style to all the people of Nepal. Anger is attached with historic world war I and II and hostility. It is associated with enemity, revenge, terror, aggression and loss of human values. If we proceed gradually coming down and calming down ownself one or two steps behind. We can realize the strength of peace and love. We restore our balance of brain power soon. Our everyday practice of peacefulness transfers our volatile anger into compassion and then we realize our inner power or eternal voice perfectly. Wish all peaceful and joyful life.World Without Anger (WWA) has been established and it has initiated training program for school teachers on “Life without Anger.” Our mission is to make everyone free from anger, leading a peaceful life and propagate healthy way of living.

Prof. Dr. M.P. Regmi
Chief Advisor/Expert
Advisory Committee, World Without Anger (WWA), Kathmandu, Nepal