Message by the Former Chief Patron (Dean of Peace)

dean van leuvanOur mission and our goal are to bring peace to every country and every individual in the entire world. From the beginning of time humans have dreamed about living in a peaceful world, even though many of us still feel doomed by history, human greed and our fear and anger. We have now learned that a new way of thinking is possible that will bring us the peace and love that we all desire. We have learned that we are the creators of our own fear and anger and that we can learn to make new and more effective choices for our lives. By learning to understand, how to make changes, we each are capable of producing loving relationships within our personal world. Universal education was the great beginning that makes this all possible. The next step is to expand the learning process so that we possess emotional intelligence to match our great intellectual intelligence. We can accomplish our mission by bringing emotional education to everyone starting with our children. We gather the spiritual principles that have been discovered and taught by all of the great religions of the world. We learn to evaluate the world based on the results of events rather than our personal belief of how the world should be. WWA has been chosen as the developmental field and proving ground for this great mission. WWA has been created to demonstrate to the people of Nepal and the world how this can be accomplished by teaching the people of Nepal the skills necessary to transform their own personal world – and ultimately the entire world. The WWA program in Nepal was created as the model program for the entire world.

Dr. Dean Van Leuven
Founder Chief Patron
World Without Anger (WWA), Kathmandu, Nepal.

Note: Dr. Dean, the founder chief patron of WWA is no more with us. He passed away on April 16, 2019. WWA team was pleased to receive this message in 2007.