International Third Conference on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Peace Education Held on June 28, 2012 in Kathmandu, Nepal.


WWA and GPA Nepal have recently presented the third annual day long Conference on Global Trends in Emotional Intelligence and Peace Education” in Nepal at Nepal Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal on June 28, 2012. The conference was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma, Vice-Chancellor, Kathmandu University and was chaired by Mr. DMBasnet, President, WWA and Asso. Prof. Dr. Kishwor Raj Bhandari, President, GPA Nepal. Prof.Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma in his inaugural speech, stated that Peace Education is gaining momentum in the Nepalese Educatoin System. Special Guest Mr. Koirala, Executive Manager, TPO Nepal also stated appreciation for the Emotional Intelligence programs and activities of WWA. Guest Prof. Dr. TriratnaManandhar, Vice- Chancellor, Lumbini Buddhist University opined that EI education and Peace education are inter related with each other.Mr. SushilPandey, Deputy Secretary General, Nepal National Commission for UNESCO, Ministry of Education stressed that this kind of programs should be incorporated within the school curriculum which will benefit general students and the masses. Mr. Tap Raj Pant, National Program Officer, UNESCO Kathmandu acknowledged the importance of the conference and WWA regular activities.
In the message of Dr. Dean Van Leuven, Founder Patron, WWA he suggested to theaudiences that they learn to apply Emotional Intelligence new skills in order to achieve Emotional Wisdom in their own life and in the society, so that we are all able to live and work together in greater harmony and ever greater personal peace. By this he meansthat we learn to recognize and establish beliefs that produce inner peace and also produce both harmony and well being in our world society.

Prof. Dr. MP Regmi Chief Advisor WWA expressed his delight for sending valuable research papers by thirteen different research scholars which will be presented in the conference sessions for further discussion and evaluation.

Prof. Dr. Subash Chandra, Foreign Guest from India, TCU expressed his happiness to join in this International Conference and hope to extend full cooperation from India as far as possible.
Asso.Prof. Dr. Kishwor Raj Bhandari, Co-Chairman of the program highlighted the conference by saying that Emotional Intelligent and Peace Education should be encouraged not only among the schools’ student but also among familymembers, societies, and the nation as a whole.
Welcoming the guests Dr. LaxmanShakya, Program Director, WWA said that WWA and GPA Nepal are highly pleased to organize this annual conference so that People from different walks of life and intellectuals’ scholars come together and work for the betterment of the society.
Similarly, DMBasnet, Presient and Chairman of the program expressed gratitude towards the guests and audiences for supporting the movement on emotional intelligence and peace education. The program was able to convene with the help of World Emotional Literacy League (WELL), USA, Global Peace Association (GPA), Nepal, and Spiritual Growth Center, Oregon, USA.
The international conference was attended by various scholars and dignitaries includingrepresentative from India, Pakistan, England, United States and Nepal.

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