6th Int’l Conference concluded with the theme of Peace through emotional Literacy.

img_3067World Without Anger(WWA) & Global Peace Foundation Nepal jointly organized with the International Partnership of World Emotional Literacy League(WELL),USA and National Association Psychological Science(NAPS-India) and In Association with Central Deptt. of Psychology, Tribhuvan University a day 6th International Annual Conference on “Global Peace & Emotional Intelligence for Education, Cultural Diversity, Harmony & Behavior Management” held on July 23, 2016, Kathmandu, Nepal. The International Conference inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Chintamani Pokrakhel, Dean, Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University. Likewise, honorable special Guest and my founder Patron Dr. Dean Van Leuven, USA, Special Guest of honor Prof. Dr. Art Blume, Washington Statute University, USA and President, Society of Indian Psychologists, USA,, Prof. Dr. Talbot W. Rogers,USA Chairman, Int’l Advisory Committee of 6th Int’l Conference, Prof. Dr. Tulasi Ram Vaidya, Chairperson of The Dean of International Peace Prize Committee. Similarly, Dr. Roshan Lal Dhaiya, President of National Association of Psychological Science -INDIA. Chief Advisor/Editor Prof. Dr. Murari Prasad Regmi, Head, Central Department of Psychology, Tribhuvan University, Prof. Dr. Santa Niraula, Thus, Prof Dr. Shishir Subba, Former Head &Asst. Dean of Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University and Prof. Dr. Shreedhar Gautam, Editor, WWA Journal and Mr. Rajkumar Rai, CEO, Gurkhas Finance Ltd, Nepal were presented and stressed the views and opinions of significance work of World Without Anger (WWA) and its sustainable contribution to peace and harmony of national level.

5The conference has the representative from esteem universities, research organizations, CEOs, Managers, Research Scholars, Students, Employees, Social activist as well as various disciplines students, volunteers and educators. There were about 150 participants from the 9 countries (Nepal, India, Shri Lanka, Japan, Vienna, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA, and Mexico) and 29 research papers were presented in the conference. The areas of the papers were from Emotional Literacy, Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Well-being, Peace, Buddhism, Education, Cultural, Management Psychology, and many more. This conference has been postponed due to the Mega Earthquake with having 7.9 Magnitude in 2015. The theme of 6th International Conference was PEACE through Emotional Literacy. (Details of the participants’ and their paper titles).

2WWA created an International Awards from Nepal “The Dean of International Peace Prize -2016”. The prize is an outcome of a long struggle and hardship of the Dean of Peace, Dr. Dean Van Leuven and World Without Anger Nepal, to set an example in the World that it is peace that everybody is in need of at this time of anxiety and tension. The prize included a cash award of NRs.25000.00 (In Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only) with a medal and a Certification. The Prize will be distributed in every year who works for Peace through Emotional Literacy. The awarded is honored to Prof. Dr. Murari Prasad Regmi who has deserved to receive this Prize for 2016. WWA awarded him as his outstanding contribution to WWA for exploring Emotional Literacy Program and Activities since 2007 A.D. The decision to confer the award on Prof Regmi was made based on the recommendation made by a selection committee under the coordination of Prof. Dr. Tulasiram Vaidya, Former Vice-Chancellor of Lumbini Buddhist University, Lumbini, Nepal The cash prize was fully sponsored by the Gurkhas Finance Ltd (D Class Financial Institution of Nepal). The award is given to a person contributing to establishment of peace in the national and international level through the medium of psychology.

4On the occasion, the WWA Journal Volume 5, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom was also released and edited by Prof. Dr. Murari Prasad Regmi, Nepal and Prof. Dr. Michael Waldo, USA. The WWA Journal Volume 5 was formally released by Dr. Dean Van Leuven, Founder/Parton, WWA.
The Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Chintamani Pokharel, Dean, Faculties of Humanity and Social Sciences also released the 7th WWA Journal Abstract Book along with Conference Schedule in the same occasion.
In the concluded remarks of President of WWA that it is working since 2007 A.D. to envision the philosophy of Emotional Literacy to create sustainable peace and harmony within mind and heart of peoples’. WWA still in search of partnering to work together with many prospects within and outside the country to further standardize the work of WWA to torch where and when it is necessary. Ultimately, it possesses strength to the Nation as a cluster and to unite for being a good citizen of this whole world.

img_3392The Closing Ceremony was inaugurated by Honorable Ashok Kumar Jha, Member, Nepal Service Commission and he stressed that it is very necessary to organize such programs by the various similar organizations in Nepal. He also added that he has been observing WWA program since 2009 which are very appreciated and resourceful for the psychology world. He has also distributed certificates to the participants/volunteers and paper presenters in the occasion.
Prof. Dr. Karen Schamling, Washington State University, USA, Prof. Kulishov Sergii, Ukraine, Asst. Prof. Dr. Lakmal Ponnamperuma, Shri Lanka, Dr. Art Trejo, Mexico, Prof. Dr. Uma Joshi, Amity University, Rajasthan, India, Dr. Anoop Shresthacharya, Nepal were shared their ideas and experiences about the 6th Int’l Conference. Mr. Bharat Giri, General Secretary, WWA welcomed and invite all to participate in the 7th International Conference which is going to be held on Nov. 2017 entitled “World Peace through Emotional Literacy in Education and Management Psychology”. The closing ceremony was chaired by Dr. Laxman Shakya, Vice-President, WWA and Organizing Secretary Head of the 6th Int’l Conference.