7th International Conference for Emotional Literacy held in Kathmandu, Nepal

Participants from eight countries took part in the 7th International Conference on “Global Peace through Emotional Literacy in Education and Psychology of Management held on December 2, 2017, at Prime College, Kathmandu, organized by World Without Anger (WWA), Global Peace Foundation Nepal, and co-organizer Prime College, Tribhuvan University.

There were 29 papers presented at the conference and the conference provided an opportunity to academicians, educators, professors, research scholars, and business tycoons from Nepal, India, China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, USA, Ethiopia, and UK to present their papers on various themes. Similarly, more than 130 participants registered for the conference. Likewise, 7 participants were presented Poster Presented which was mentored by Asst. Prof. Dr. Arhan Sthapit, Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University, Nepal and convener of this 7th Intl Conference of WWA.

The conference was organized by World Without Anger (WWA), Global Peace Foundation Nepal and Prime College. According to WWA President Dess Mardan Basent, It is very important for everyone to manage anger in the world”. The chief guest of the inaugural ceremony, Dr. Dean Van Leuvan, Founder President, World Emotional Literacy League (WELL), USA, highlighted the importance of emotional literacy at present. The steering committee chairperson of the 7th international conference, Dr. Laxman Shakya, emphasized on peace education and peaceful coexistence through right effort. He further stressed that peace is indispensible whereas war and destruction should be stopped right away. President of Global Peace Foundation Nepal, Er. Ram Rohan Panta, highlighted on the significance of the conference saying that this program would encourage the young people as well. Prof. Dr. Shishir Subba, Chief, Master in Counseling Psychology (MCP) program, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University, and  Former Assistant Dean for Humanities,  stated that the conference drew attention of psychologists and intellectuals to help maintain peace in the world at  large. Prof. Subba further highlighted that he was very grateful and thankful for being awarded with The Dean of International Peace Prize, 2017, with Rs. 25,000, and it was offered by Gurkhas Finance Ltd.

Dr. Albin Wallace, PhD, Sky Blue Research Ltd, U.K, said that he was very glad to join the conference and receive valuable information on emotional literacy and peace psychology. He greatly appreciated the activities of WWA. Dr. Bishnu Hari Nepal, Former Ambassador to Japan, and Theorist and Visiting Professor of International Relations, Peace, Conflict, Security and Development Studies, appreciated WWA activities.

Mr. Dess Mardan Basnet, the WWA president and Mr. Bharat Giri, the General Secretary were awarded with the ‘WELL Visionary Award’ by the World Emotional Literacy League (WELL), USA and ‘WWA Visionary Award’ by World Without Anger(WWA) Nepal for their ceaseless contribution to enhance the emotional literacy through WWA. Dr. Arhan Sthapit, the Convener, was delighted to welcome all the participants at the conference and conclude the program as planned. The papers which were presented will be published in the WWA Journal, Volume 8.

During the plenary session, Prof. Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya spoke as one of the keynote speakers on Mindfulness, Emotional intelligence and Stress Management in Buddhism, and Dr. Dean Van Leuven founder/President of the World Emotional Literacy League (WELL), USA, highlighted on Communication Skills at the present-day world. Likewise, Associate Prof. Mita Rana, PhD, presented on “Mental Health and Emotional Well-being” in general. Prof. Dr. Surendra Pathak, India, spoke on Peace and Co-existence based on humanistic education. The technical sessions were chaired by Prof. Dr. Murari Prasad Regmi, Prof. Dr. Shishir Subba, Dr. Arhan Sthapit, Dr. Albin Wallace, Dr. Yadam Ram Kumar, Prof. Dr. Subarna Lal Bajracharya, and Dr. Shaligram Bhattarai.

The valedictory session was chaired by Dr. Laxman Shakya, Vice –President of WWA and chief of the conference steering committee.  The international participants Dr. Madhya Zhagan,  University of Malaysia, Dr. Yadam Ram Kumar, Director, Yadam Institution of Research, India, and the guest speakers appreciated the activities of WWA. Chief Guest and Principal of Prime College, Prof. Dr. Krishna Kumar Shrestha, expressed that Prime College and its entire staff was glad to be a co-organizer of the conference.