Message from the Chief Patron

The mission and goal of both World Without Anger (WWA) and EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc. – USA (EQ4Peace) is to bring peace to every country and every individual in the world. 

Global peace is a goal for the external world.  To achieve this goal, we must teach people how to understand, manage and master their inner world.  The external world is a reflection of people’s inner world. With emotional intelligence education (EQ), we can help people improve both their inner and outer world, but create inner peace, interpersonal peace and social peace, ultimately leading to global peace.

WWA’s specific mission is to enhance the inner world of the people of Nepal, by providing emotional education in the most powerful, profound and productive means possible.  For adults, WWA offers evidence-based research, science and understanding through conferences, workshops and written journals.  For children, WWA offers a turn-key program for schools to trains teachers, and provide textbooks, assessments and curriculum, to introduce kids to themselves, and help them manage their inner world, and thus their outer world.

WWA is EQ4Peace’s model program because they have received approval to provide the Life Without Anger EQ course curriculum for all public schools throughout Nepal.  Before Covids in 2020, WWA had provided the LWA curriculum in 60 Nepal schools, reaching nearly 10,000 students.
After 35 years of teaching EQ, I am deeply honored to be asked to join WWA as Chief Patron.  WWA and EQ4Peace will continue to work closely together towards our shared goal of creating peace, both internally and externally, around the world.

Matt Perelstein
CEO and co-founder,
EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc. – USA |