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SEWA-Nepal was created in 2007 to carry out this mission. The name has been changed to World Without Anger to reflect our broader purpose as we take on the responsibility of introducing Emotional Literacy training to the other countries of the world. World Wthout Anger (WWA) is a non-governmental, non profit organization registered under the prevailing land law of the country in accordance with Societies Registration Act, 1977. It was established in August 2007 with a view to implement Emotional Intelligence Education in order to prevent the devastating effects of anger on individuals, their families, and their communities and to contribute to the Peace Process in Nepal and the

world. WWA is affiliated with Life Without Anger(LWA), Oregon, USA in 2007 and LWA was founded in 2003 AD in Oregon, USA with the objective of educating and ensuring that every individual has a fundamental understanding of Anger and the other negative emotions and to teach the world society how to lead a life that is Peaceful, Meaningful and Joyful. WWA works with local and international peacekeepers to create peace in a strategic and constructive ways. WWA works to create the anger free society Dr. Dean Van Leuven first presented to the world in his book “A Life Without Anger,” in order to bring peace to the heart, home, society, nations and the world.

Historically our schools have focused on intellectual training and neglected emotional training. The intellectual training has transformed our world economically but the lack of emotional training has left us with a world society still in the emotional dark ages. WWA’s programs help each individual to be successful in school, in the workplace, in society, in the world, and in life. WWA’s goals are to provide training in all aspects of society, such as parenting, communities groups, government, and other service organizations.

WWA’s initial program is presented as the Life Without Anger Emotional Literacy Training Program offered in schools at the Higher Secondary level. This program is being expanded to all levels of our society beginning with the home and community. The goal is to provide emotional training to transform negative emotions into positive emotions for all aspects of our society. In the broader sense, it will spread the inclusive approach of Dr. Dean, in terms of teaching/learning, the principles of Emotional Literacy training in the world for the mission of building World Peace


We model Peace in the World by awakening to the Presence within – which is Peace. As we express that Peace through our body, mind, and spirit we – inspire an ever widening, harmonious circle of Life.


The vision of WWA is to provide educational institutions, civil society organizations, parents and individuals with the need based information, knowledge, and expertise on Emotional Intelligence necessary to create a Peaceful and Joyful world society.


The main objective of WWA is to establish a credible knowledge base that provides Emotional Intelligence training for all schools, colleges, and university students including parents to learn how to maximize their life experiences by using their mind in the most effective way. WWA will build the knowledge base for future peace negotiations and a wider peace process in the global perspective. WWA also aims to facilitate more effective participation of civil society organizations and individuals in order to bring about a more peaceful, joyful and meaningful life.

Specific objectives include

  • To eliminate stress, unrest, anger, depression conflict, anxiety, ups and down of human thought, and etc due to the unhealthy scenarios of politics, economy, social and cultural activities both inside and outside the country.

  • To synthesize national, regional and international experiences, knowledge and expertise on Anger Management transformation and peace building.

  • To help establish peace at both the National and International level.

  • To provide emotional literacy training regarding anger and other emotional problems that people face in their day to day living.

  • To conduct various types of peace education program in the country and the World.
  • To guide adolescents toward becoming better parents.
  • To set up Psycho Diagnostic Centers to provide psychological health services, Psychological counseling to the Nepalese society.
  • To provide training and counseling to the leaders, businessmen, and social organizations.
  • To help people become aware of the causes of anger and its consequences.
  • To regard individual “Self”.


The purpose of this project is to create a culture that will not only allow individuals to lead a more effective and rewarding life but will ultimately evolve into world peace. Our plan is to expand this project to all countries through the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) which is involved in the Nepal project. The project is being carried out in Nepal by World Without Anger (WWA).

WWA is now in the process of introducing the Emotional Literacy program in all schools in Nepal after completing pilot projects for the last year in six different schools. So that everyone will be able to learn from this training, WWA is working closely with Lumbini Buddhist University, UNESCO, the Ministry of Education and other Government agencies, and also private school associations to carry out its mission. WWA plans to expand its programs so that Emotional Literacy training will be available and can be utilized by every individual in Nepal.

WWA programs create emotional literacy by teaching individuals how their mind functions so that they are able to develop new ways of recognizing and resolving problems; and how to make different and more effective choices when they face the day to day problems that make their life more difficult. Society evolves and life improves for individuals as they learn new skills. Emotional literacy helps us to advance personally and as a society just as the ability to read and do mathematics does. Nepal is the first country in the world to introduce this training on a national level.

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