WWA Announces 11th International Conference to be held on September 21-22, 2024

“Pathways to Global Peace through Emotional Intelligence, Positive
Mental Health, Behavioral, and Co-operative Management”


1.  Emotional intelligence and global peace

  • Global Peace and/or Inner Peace, Interpersonal Peace, Social Peace
  • Emotional Intelligence (EI/IQ), Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Anger Management
  • Self-management abilities reflect the emotional intelligence for inter peace
  • Perception, use and regulation of emotions, with implications for education, health, and organizations
  • Economic Development and Peace
  • IT, AI, and Global Peace
  • Socioeconomic and/or Ecological and/or Environmental Issues and Global Peace

2. Anger management

  • Elimination of anger to Joy
  • Anger cognition in adolescence and aging people in respective societies
  • Emotional Intelligence and anger cognition
  • Negative anger leads to anxiety and frustration
  • Positive Anger leads to society and cultures

3. Behavioral management

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Cognitive Psychological Management
  • Human Behavioral Management
  • Stress and Depression Management
  • Positive Psychology, Mental Health, and Meditation
  • Cooperative Members Emotional  Intelligence and Agreeableness Traits
  • Behavioral for Human Resources Management
  • Positive Psychology, Mental Health, and Meditation

4. Cooperation management

  • Cooperative management for sustainable peace and harmony in society
  • Comparative analyses of cooperative laws, good governance, and self-regulation for cooperatives and their members
  • Cooperative philosophy is the complete and autonomous enterprise of society.
  • Cooperative leadership and emotional intelligence
  • Cooperative employees emotional intelligence and organizational commitment
  • Cooperative worker personality traits and self-efficacy for organizational behavior
  • Exploring Cooperatives through Digitization

5. Buddhism and Global Peace

  • Buddhist Philosophy and Peace, and/or Harmony and/or Compassion
  • Transformational  leadership and Buddhism
  • Buddhism peace to sustainable peace and harmony
  • Emerging Mindfulness Practices /Eastern, Western, Chinese, Japanese and others
  • Buddhist Philosophy and Peace, and/or Harmony and/or Compassion

Last date of Abstract Submission: 21 August 2024

Last date of Full Paper Submission: 06 September 2024